3D-Selfie (2 personen)


Capture special moments with a 3D Selfie. We all make selfies, but now you can also have a 3D Selfie. This is not a picture but a statue that looks exactly like you. Nice to keep as a souvenir or to give as a present to a loved one.

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How does it work?
A 3D model will be built with a ceramic powder. The printer places a 0.1 mm thick layer of powder on the print platform. The construction of the products takes place per layer, whereby a combination of inkjet ink and binder (glue) selectively connects with the powder. The raw powder acts as a support material during the printing process. The product is post-treated after printing. The type of post-treatment determines the firmness, flexibility and appearance of the model.

Step 1: Scannen
If you would like to visit our studio at Energiestraat 9 in Kampen for a 3D scan, please make an appointment

Step 2: Editing 3D-Selfie
After making the scan, the data is processed into a 3D computer model. The model will be checked and processed into a printable file.

Stwp 3: 3D printing
We print the 3D Selfie with the best full color HD printer available. The 3D Selfie is printed layer by layer in color. When the printer is ready, the 3D-Selfie is completely cleaned and gets a follow-up treatment for the best result.

Step 4: Post-control
We place high demands on the 3D selfie and it is just as important that you also have a good feeling.
That is why we check extra securely whether the statue meets our quality requirements. After approval you can pick up the statue in our store or it can be sent if desired.

Stap 5: Prices and payment
The height of the statue determines the price. You have the choice from different heights.
The price is always include scanning, processing, printing and follow-up.